Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cuban Defector Aroldis Chapman Fires Agent Edwin Mejia

Aroldis Chapman fires Edwin Mejia is a critical flip-flop that is the talk of the sports world! Yes, the Cuban defector from the national baseball team has changed mind in choosing the services of Athletes Premier International, where Mejia is working. In place, Chapman fixed for veteran agents Randy and Alan Hendricks instead because he might though that they could provide him greater opportunities in Major League Baseball in the United States.
Aroldis Chapman Fires Edwin Mejia

Billboard Cover Features Kris Allen & Adam Lambert

There's no stopping American Idol 8 alums Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in Billboard magazine cover. The decisive factor is that, although the 24 year old American Idol winner appears to be gets the front row on the cover itself, the content of the magazine has been is screaming Adam Lambert galore. What's up with that? He's the winner and then Adam gets the limelight?
Kris Allen Adam Lambert Billboard Cover