Cuban Defector Aroldis Chapman Fires Agent Edwin Mejia
Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cuban Defector Aroldis Chapman Fires Agent Edwin Mejia

Aroldis Chapman fires Edwin Mejia is a critical flip-flop that is the talk of the sports world! Yes, the Cuban defector from the national baseball team has changed mind in choosing the services of Athletes Premier International, where Mejia is working. In place, Chapman fixed for veteran agents Randy and Alan Hendricks instead because he might though that they could provide him greater opportunities in Major League Baseball in the United States.
Aroldis Chapman Fires Edwin Mejia
Actually, there's no official statement yet from Chapman that remonstrates the grounds why he transferred agency. Notwithstanding, Athletes Premier International seemed like regretful in its official statement. It informed the the agency is "greatly surprised and deeply disappointed that Aroldis Chapman has decided to change agents." Further on, they informed that their agency "has put forth a lot of time and effort towards helping him achieve his goal of becoming a major league pitcher and he gave us no indication that he was unhappy with our advice or the way he was treated. We will have more to say about this matter at a later date, but in the meantime we wish Aroldis luck in his future endeavors."

Rodney Fernandez, a Miami-based agent born in Cuba who took job for the Hendricks brothers, assured ESPN The Magazine in a phone interview that Chapman reached him several days ago. He told how Chapman got his number. "Its not like I'm famous or something. We followed every legal step. Maybe it's because I'm Cuban is why he contacted me. I didn't do anything specifically but just answered his call. He simply asked me for help and we are providing it." Also, the timing of Chapman's conclusion is unusual considering he and Mejia were linked as recently as this week. To Begin With, Chapman's original decision to be portrayed by Mejia caught many by storm because Mejia was a greenhorn who had never previously represented a major league player. But the associate was a junior college player from Cuba, whom Mejia enlightened and who had been a childhood friend of Chapman's. We're that Mejia is not taking things gently because of this event. When Aroldis Chapman fires Edwin Mejia, it has bad repercussions on his raw baseball career.


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