Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lake Forni

Lake Forni
Originally uploaded by Chibi D.
Took this on our backpacking trip we went on earlier this month. You can of course click through to see all the photos at flickr. Enjoy!
Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Current Status For Chibi:
Physical: Fair (recovering from cold)
Mental: Slightly dulled from the Robitussen & Sudafed
Emotional: Slightly elevated stress level--Mrs. Chibi was in the hospital last week for some relatively minor surgury (she's doing fine) and I was sick so it was rough. This week is better.
TV: Daily Show, Colbert Report, NHL hockey, other crap (TV is friend to the sick)
Music: John Vanderslice, New Pornographers, Sufjan Stevens
DVD: Bend It Like Beckham (good), My Life As A Dog (very good)
Web: haven't found anything too exciting lately
Other: Getting some bamboo installed in the back yard next friday and need to get the broken concrete bed complete in time. Have been harvesting a few radishes from our garden (our first home-grown veggies!).