Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Current Status For Chibi:
Physical: Fair (recovering from cold)
Mental: Slightly dulled from the Robitussen & Sudafed
Emotional: Slightly elevated stress level--Mrs. Chibi was in the hospital last week for some relatively minor surgury (she's doing fine) and I was sick so it was rough. This week is better.
TV: Daily Show, Colbert Report, NHL hockey, other crap (TV is friend to the sick)
Music: John Vanderslice, New Pornographers, Sufjan Stevens
DVD: Bend It Like Beckham (good), My Life As A Dog (very good)
Web: haven't found anything too exciting lately
Other: Getting some bamboo installed in the back yard next friday and need to get the broken concrete bed complete in time. Have been harvesting a few radishes from our garden (our first home-grown veggies!).


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