Billboard Cover Features Kris Allen & Adam Lambert
Saturday, November 21, 2009

Billboard Cover Features Kris Allen & Adam Lambert

There's no stopping American Idol 8 alums Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in Billboard magazine cover. The decisive factor is that, although the 24 year old American Idol winner appears to be gets the front row on the cover itself, the content of the magazine has been is screaming Adam Lambert galore. What's up with that? He's the winner and then Adam gets the limelight?
Kris Allen Adam Lambert Billboard Cover
Anyway, Adam in this Billboard issue gets to discuss the pressure he's receiving when people looks up to him like he's the modern role poster child for gay youth. He's also excited about the opportunities he's getting like copping a song in the 2012 soundtrack, having a chance to join forces with popular Lady Gaga and the planned tour in the works for him.

Kris Allen, in his own interview with Billboard, said he wishes to write songs with singer Adele. He expects that will be a fun gig and he's also pondering on his future in the music business. We hope for the best for you too and we're excited to know what surprises will be up our sleeves for the future! Go now buy this Kris Allen Adam Lambert Billboard cover issue now!


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