Jersey Shore Girl Punched Video - Why Snookie Gets Punched?
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jersey Shore Girl Punched Video - Why Snookie Gets Punched?

Jersey Shore is MTV's new reality show that follows eight Italian-Americans who are all sexy and tanned as they live together and party in a beach location. At the end of tonight's episode, a disturbing clip was shown as one of female cast member Snookie gets punched. It's kind of shocking because Snookie is the a petite lass and the guy mercilessly punched her in the face!
Jersey Shore Girl Gets Punched Snookie Gets Punched
You can watch the clip below where you can see Snookie from Jersey Shore lying on the floor in pain, while the guy who punched her is herded outside.This clip kind of intrigued many why a big man would punch a small girl in the face? Maybe, this Jersey Shore Girl gets punched in the face said something offending. Below is a video of Snookie the Jersey Shore girl punched:

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