Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jenny Jones Kicked Out: Jenny from Frank the Entertainer Says Goodbye

Everyone is wondering who Jenny Jones is. If you search for her, you can see many results but you can't get the right one unless you search Jenny from Frank the Entertainer. Another question would be - what's Frank the Entertainer? Okay, to deliver you from confusion, Jenny from Frank the Entertainer is a contestant in a dating show in VH1 called Frank the Entertainer. Today, she has kicked off the competition from the four contestants up for elimination
Jenny Jones Out - Jenny Jones from Frank the Entertainer
Sunday, December 20, 2009

NHL Game Watch-St Louis Blues vs Vancouver Canucks Live Stream Dec 20 2009

Let me guess, you're looking to watch St. Louis Blues vs Vancouver Canucks Live Stream? I can't blame you because I myself is looking forward for this St. Louis Blues vs Vancouver Canucks online stream which will be aired 12/20. The 2009 NHL regular season is surely keeping the fans rooting for their favorites right now.
St. Louis Blues vs Vancouver Canucks Live Stream
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tavish Degroot in Demoman Update

Might you ever wonder who or what Tavish Degroot is? Is he a person or just a character? In my research, Tavish Degroot is just a game character in the Demoman game from Fortress 2. In the Demoman update, Tavish is allegedly the RED demo. I think everyone is very excited to play this updated MMORPG.
Tavish Degroot Demoman Update
Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fire and Ice Fireplace-The Coolest Fireplace Without the Mess

What's a fire and ice fireplace? I'm not too familiar about this thing so I made a search about it and found out that fire and ice fireplaces are one of the newest innovation when you want to warm your house during the winter season. If you do not want scattering of cinders when you use the usual wood or logs to burn up the fireplace. Then, the answer is the fire and ice fireplace that is being distributed by the company FIRE on ICE®. They say there's no popping cinders, no more soot and it's much more cleaner to use in your household.
Fire and Ice Fireplace - Why Fire and Ice Fireplaces are the Rave
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jersey Shore Girl Punched Video - Why Snookie Gets Punched?

Jersey Shore is MTV's new reality show that follows eight Italian-Americans who are all sexy and tanned as they live together and party in a beach location. At the end of tonight's episode, a disturbing clip was shown as one of female cast member Snookie gets punched. It's kind of shocking because Snookie is the a petite lass and the guy mercilessly punched her in the face!
Jersey Shore Girl Gets Punched Snookie Gets Punched

Who is the Food Body and Mind Diet Maven?

Why does everyone want to know the Food Body and Mind diet maven? I guess everyone wants to unravel the answer to the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle question today. First, you might want to know what's the meaning of maven? Well, someone who's a known expert at a given field is called a maven. What comes to mind when dieting is concerned is Doctor Atkins. But it's he's not involved with the Food, Body and Mind mantra.
Food Body and Mind Diet Maven